About us

CBL Informática, is an IT services company, which provides analysis, programming, development and adaptation of applications for different departments of companies.

With our own, specialized and specific developments for various sectors, such as industry, logistics and distribution.

We offer bespoke solutions to each client, from the initial study of their needs, the most reliable implementation and to the outsourcing and maintenance of your computer system.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are a young, dynamic, continuously trained team of highly creative and responsible professionals.



Our Vision

To Optimize the company's IT resources, facilitate tasks by equipping it within its infrastructure with specific solutions thus increasing its effectiveness and improve productivity.

We promote individual creativity, encourage participation in the contribution of ideas and decision-making and we value talent.

Our track record leads us to excellence in our solutions.

Thanks to our research work, our systems are constantly evolving and developing to revolutionize the market.

Innovation, excellence and creativity.

Our Values

Customer Orientation is our main motto every day, and we are totally oriented towards achieving results.

People are our source of inspiration. We work with people and for people, our customers, who are the ones who give us our sense of our work.

Our proactive, flexible position and the ability to adapt to the characteristics of each client, allows us to achieve their confidence.

We believe in our team, in its value, in the creativity of the youngest and in the experience of the more experienced.

Professionalism and Flexibility