PkCAV is an Access Management and Vehicle Stay Control System for Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

A propriety development of ©CBL INFORMÁTICA.

A scalable, intuitive, agile and reliable application that guarantees, solves and unifies by incorporating all of the following processes:

  • License plate reading.
  • Ticket dispensing and validation.
  • Charging and collection management. Weighbridge.
  • Fleet control: Dangerous goods, containers, buses, motorhomes.
  • Documentation, proximity cards.
  • Security recordings in access and exits.
  • Allocation of places per subscriber, by goods, by sizes and management of multiple spaces.
  • It manages and ensures any traffic in and out and guarantees the departure of the premises with the authorized loads.
  • Visualization of the facility area and actual vehicle situation in real time by means of a digitized map.

PkCAV can incorporate any additional customer-generated service such as coupons, or discounts etc.

Because, adapts to the needs of each client and can be integrated into existing general software.