Corporate Social Responsibility

responsabilidad social corporativa

Corporate Social Responsibility (RSC) is defined as the active and voluntary contribution by companies to social, economic and environmental improvement.

It is a way of running companies with the principle of managing the impacts that each company causes with its activity on customers, employees, local communities and in general on society as a whole.

For CBL Informática, S.L., this form of direction is in our DNA, and we are constantly focusing on and aiming for the 5 principles on which it is based, which are:

  • 1. Compliance with legislation
  • 2. Global and transversal
  • 3. Ethics and coherence
  • 4. Impact management
  • 5. Satisfaction of expectations and needs

In addition, Since RSC is a cross-cutting concept that covers different areas of the company's management, the activities that are developed in this area should:

  • Be linked to the basic activity of the company
  • Play a permanent role
  • Involve total commitment from management